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Testimonials, page 3

"The nine years I took piano lessons with Dr. Laura gave me some of the most valuable tools a person could ask for in life:  a strong work ethic, the desire to constantly improve myself, and the will to persevere through adversity.  These are just three of the many qualities she strives to instill in her students on a daily basis.  I know for a fact I would not be the musician and person I am today without her invaluable influence on my life."

                                                                   Mary Margaret Hyer

Dr. Laura has not only been a great piano teacher, but also has been such an encouraging person throughout the years.  As soon as I moved home from college, I couldn't wait to get back to piano lessons!  I find great joy in working with Dr. Laura each week."

                                                           Harley Felsher

When my daughters started playing piano with Dr. Laura, they were very young.  It has been such a joy to see their growth in theory, composition, and musicality.  The caring and productive environment she provides has truly been the cornerstone to their development and love for piano.

                                                           Jana Bennett  

"Working in the back of the house, I suddenly hear my 11 year old son fling his voice to where I am:  'I'm going upstairs to practice piano!'  'Okay,' I project my voice back affirmingly, while I inwardly REJOICE.  Thanks, Dr. Laura!  We love your professional mix of teaching and encouraging!"

                                                            An Anonymous Parent

Piano and singing lessons for all ages located in Hattiesburg, MS. Conveniently located for residents of Hattiesburg, Columbia, Forrest County, Lamar County, Petal, Laurel, Purvis, and south Mississippi.  Also worldwide via the internet.

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