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Are Music Lessons FUN???

Absolutely!  Dr. Laura believes that music should always be fun and rewarding!

Where does Dr. Broughton teach?

Her studio is located in a comfortable and attractive setting in

Hattiesburg, MS, convenient to Lamar, Forrest, Marion, and Jones


What ages does she teach?

All ages, from 4 years to senior adults.

What is the enrollment period for lessons?
The school year, from August until the end of May.  Summer lessons are 

scheduled from the end of May through June.

Are piano and voice lessons beneficial to me/my child?

Yes!  See the link "Why study Music?" for the links to videos and studies which

address this question.

Are piano or voice lessons expensive?

Like anything else with so much potential for benefits, music lessons are an investment.  A number of Dr. Broughton's students have received considerable college scholarships based on their piano or vocal achievements.  Some adult students have realized an ambition which they didn't have

opportunity to pursue when they were younger.  The poise and self-

confidence which are a natural result of music study last a lifetime.  Unlike

most extracurricular activities, the ability to play and enjoy music is 

something which is lifelong.

Do I have to own a piano to take piano lessons?

Yes, or at least you need access to a piano to practice every day!  Practice

is absolutely essential to making steady progress and to learning to read

music.  You will find that your lesson time is fun and invaluable, but the

amount of practice you invest in your lessons will pay huge dividends in

your piano skills.  Ask Dr. Broughton before purchasing a used piano, as 

she can advise you on whether or not you will be making a wise purchase.

How can I get in touch with Dr. Broughton to find out more, and can I meet

her in person before committing to piano or voice lessons?

Respond to the "Contact Me Now!" button on this page or elsewhere on 

this website.  Your email will be promptly  answered with either a phone 

call, text message. or email and you can ask Dr. Laura any specific questions         about her policies and tuition.  This initial telephone contact usually

takes about 15 or 20 minutes, so she will set up a mutually convenient

time to talk with you.  After the phone call, if you and Dr. Broughton

believe you will be a good musical "fit," a personal interview

will be arranged in her studio.

What about voice lessons?  Is there any prerequisite for taking voice lessons?

In addition to a Bachelor's Degree with a double concentration in piano and voice, Dr. Broughton has degrees in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy and

enjoys teaching voice students.  A minimum of two years of music study

in piano or another instrument and the ability to read music are

prerequisite for voice lessons.




piano lessons are fun with Dr. Laura Broughton

Piano and singing lessons for all ages located in Hattiesburg, MS. Conveniently located for residents of Hattiesburg, Columbia, Forrest County, Lamar County, Jones County, Laurel, Purvis, and south Mississippi.  Also worldwide via the internet.

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